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Swissvoice Xtra 1110

Analogue senior´s desk phone with large keys, 5 photo keys and SOS key

Manufacturer Ref.: ATL1418644 Product Ref.: SWXTRA1110
Swissvoice Xtra 1110

Key features

  • Deskphone with large keys
  • 6 keys with photos (including SOS key)
  • 2 direct memories (M1, M2)
  • Hands-free function
  • Super powerful ring tone, up to 85 dB
  • Volume boost up to 30 dB in the earpiece
  • Incoming call light indicator
  • Compatible with hearing aids

  • 2 years standard warranty
€31.99 ex. VAT
€38.71 incl. VAT

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Product information

Analogue telephone for seniors

The Swissvoise Xtra 1110 is an analogue desk phone especially suitable for seniors, because the model is specially designed for people who need a comfortable phone that is easy to use.

Large keys and illuminated display

The numbers are particularly visible due to the illuminated display. It is also possible to set 5 different numbers on the base station of the device. With the press of a button you can call one of the five numbers directly. In addition, it is possible to put a photo of that person on the key, so that you can see exactly who you are going to call. In addition to the photo keys, there is also a SOS key. When pressing this key, an emergency service will be called immediately. The M1 and M2 keys can also be set as shortcuts.

Extra powerful sound and compatible with hearing aids

For true listening comfort, the Xtra 1110 offers a high-quality hands-free function. The volume of the handset is adjustable to 4 different levels, and an audio boost key with an extra loud volume of the speaker (+ 30dB). To prevent you from not hearing a call, the strong ring tone can be set to + 85dB and the keypad also gives a light indication for an incoming call. The device is suitable for the hearing impaired and compatible with hearing aids.


  • Hands-free function with illuminated button
  • 6 direct memories (+ M1, M2)
  • Keyboard with large keys
  • Indicator for large incoming calls
  • Number redial key of the last number dialed
  • R key
  • Compatible with hearing aids
  • Audio boost volume button on the headset, up to 30 dB
  • 4 sound levels in the audio boost
  • 1 loud bell melody
  • Max volume of the melody: 85 dB
  • Bass or treble selector for the melody
  • Voice equalizer in the handset
  • Adjustable volume: 4 levels (different from audio boost)
  • 8 volume levels for hands-free function
  • Possible wall mounting
  • Select type FV / DC
  • Flash time: 100, 300. 600 ms
  • Removable RJ11 cable
  • Weight 820 g
  • Dimensions 217 x 200 x 82 mm
Warranty 2 years
Function keys With call key , With hands free kit, With R key, With redial key, With SOS button
Volume control Handset volume control
Type of display No display
Keypad Numerical keypad
Colour White
Connectivity RJ11 connection
In the box
  • Analogue deskphone
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