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Gigaset C530HX Extra handset

Extra cordless handset for the Gigaset C530 base station with large colour display

Manufacturer Ref.: S30852-H2761-R701 Product Ref.: SIC530HX
Gigaset C530HX Extra handsetGigaset C530HX Extra handsetGigaset C530HX Extra handset

Key features

  • Customizable ringtones, screensavers and sound profiles
  • 1.8· colour display
  • Phonebook: Up to 200 entries
  • Hands-free
  • Headset connection: 2.5mm jack
  • Room monitoring
  • ECO DECT radiation-free
  • Expandable with up to 5 handsets

  • 2 years standard warranty
€39.99 ex. VAT
€48.39 incl. VAT

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Product information

Take note: This phone comes with European firmware (FSK Protocol). This means that you will not have caller identification if your telephone provider makes use of the DTMF protocol. All our devices can have their language settings changed to English, and the manuals can be found on the product page.

The Gigaset C530H is an extension for the Gigaset DECT phone bases. The C530H extension is only connected to the mains and not to the line.

Gigaset C530

The Gigaset C530 is an excellent value mid-range cordless phone with a wide range of functions and ECO DECT low radiation mode.

This stylish handset can be fully customised to suit your own taste. Choose from two background colours for the large 1.8'' display and even select a customised screensaver. You can also select different sound profiles and assign special ringtones for selected contacts.

Great features, great performance
The Gigaset C530's built-in phonebook can store up to 200 contacts with their full name, up to 3 numbers per entry and a birthday reminder, so you'll never forget an important date again.

Great sound quality, even on hands-free
The Gigaset C530 phone delivers excellent audio quality thanks to built-in High Sound Performance™ technology, ensuring that every word is crystal clear, even in hands-free mode. 

Day / night mode
The day/night switch allows you to mute the phone at any time if you don't want to be disturbed.

ECO DECT, radiation-free
Like all Gigaset phones, the Gigaset C530 allows you to reduce the transmitting power from the handset to the base station depending on the distance between them. It can also reduce the transmitting power of the base station of the Gigaset C530 by 80% in ECO Mode. Furthermore, with ECO Mode Plus you can turn off the transmitting power altogether when the phone is in standby mode, making it completely radiation-free. 

Compatible with:

- Cordless DECT-GAP headphones - for hands-free communication
- Gigaset L410 hands-free clip
- Additional handset: Gigaset C530H or other Gigaset handsets
- Up to 6 phones can be paired to each base station
- Wired headset: 2.5 mm jack


- Direct calls
- Automatic dialling of operator prefix
- Stores the last 20 numbers dialled
- Phonebook transfer via DECT
- Phonebook: Up to 200 entries
- Battery life: 300h standby/14h talk time
- Room monitoring
- Calender
- Appointment reminders and alarm
- Plug-and-play installation
- Cordless DECT range: 50m indoors / 300m outdoors
- Display and menu functions
- Displays battery status
- Displays call duration
- Displays distance (handset to base station)
- Displays date and time
- Stores last 20 missed calls with time and date
- Call display/incoming number (CLIP function)
- Intuitive icon-based menu
- Display: 128 x 160, 1.8pixels, 65000 colours and 6 lines
- Menu available in 19 languages
- Headset connection: 2.5mm jack
- Excellent sound quality HSP™, even in hands-free mode
- 2 buttons to access your favourite features (customizable)
- Day/night mode switch button to silence the phone

Features available with more than one handset:

- Expandable with up to 6 handsets (the C530H is recommended)
- Selective internal calls
- Internal transfer of external calls
- Simultaneous internal and external calls


Keypad functions:

- Navigation key
- Key message identifier
- Light colour: Amber
- Soft keys 
- Wall mounting optional
- Batteries: 2xAAA
- Adjustable handset volume
- Individual ringontes for VIP contacts
- HSP™ for brilliant sound quality
- Handset HDSP™
- 30 ringtones
- Handset dimensions: 156x48x27

Caller ID not available.


Warranty 2 years
Technology With DECT technology
Range DECT : 50m indoor + 300m outdoor
Standby / Talk time 180 / 12 h
Hands free speakerphone With hands free speakerphone
Sound quality Full duplex sound
Display With colour display
Caller ID Without caller ID
Contacts 200
Share contacts between handsets With contact sharing
Ringtones 20
VIP Groups VIP groups with Ringtones
Mute With mute key
SMS With SMS function
Repeater compatibility With compatible repeater
Handset size 156x48x27 mm
Battery 2 x NiMH AAA batteries
In the box

Extra C530H handset
2 AAA batteries
Charging base
External power supply

Gigaset C530H - Manual EN (1.03 MB)

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