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Philips Voice Tracer DVT 6110

Compact, easy-to-use recorder with good quality sound and large storage capacity

Product Ref.: PHDVT6110
Philips Voicetracer DVT 6110

Key features

  • 8 GB digital recorder
  • Color LCD screen
  • High-quality dual microphone with noise reduction
  • Directional microphone For long-range recordings
  • Optimized for music recording
  • Up to 2147 hours of continuous recording
  • Plug and Play on Windows and Mac
  • 2 3.5 mm Jacks (microphone + earphones)
  • 1000 mAh battery: Quick charge

Out of stock
  • 2 years standard warranty
€124.99 ex. VAT
€151.24 incl. VAT

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Product information

Philips Voice Tracer DVT 6110

Simple to use so note-taking will be more fun!

The Philips Voice Tracer DVT 7110 allows you to group all your sounds for professional and faithful rendering.
Its recording system is activated with a single push of a single button instinctively and ergonomically or automatically with the detection of voice/sound.

Quality sound
For a digital recorder in its class, the Philips Voice Tracer DVT 6110 boasts exceptional recording quality for optimal rendering of every sound pulse and a powerful speaker that makes listening enjoyable and faithful. It is ideal for recording a piece of music in the studio, a concert or a distant recital with its directional microphone. With its high-quality mic suspension, you avoid picking up unwanted noises and can pick up as many soft sounds as big drums.
You can choose HD, MD or LD audio and enhance recording time or quality, adjust microphone sensitivity to suit your particular needs and work environment. You can use headphones through the built-in jack to work in a noisier environment. You can add a microphone for long-distance sound recording and a tripod at the same time via the recorder's thread to avoid any unwanted vibrations during sound recording.
The records are automatically reprocessed by the internal software for greater clarity.

A multi-platform recorder
It can transmit the data to a computer on a simple USB connection, either to archive your recordings, or to transmit them directly. It is easy to keep track of files on the recorder screen or on your computer as the date and time of each recording are automatically added to the files for faster navigation. You can also directly transfer your recordings over Wi-Fi and enjoy them instantly without having to use a computer and a USB cable, a time saving that saves you from having to go through the PC box and allows you to check your sound recording. instant way!

Fast charge battery
Using a battery allows recording sessions of up to 36 consecutive hours without having to worry about renewing or recharging batteries. A fast charge of 3 hours will be enough to completely recharge the recorder.
The ability to use an SD card by the Philips Voice Tracer DVT 6110 gives you the ability to change it in case of long recordings to expand storage capacity.

Voice trigger and precise parameterization

Simplify your use with voice triggering, once activated, your voice or sound will be enough to trigger the recording, which will cut off as soon as you stop to resume if you speak again. This function also allows you to do without your smartphone for recording and use it in parallel without the risk of being interrupted. Recordings can be edited by overwriting a part or adding at the end of a recording already made.
It is also possible to easily set up predefined scenes (voice notes, sound, meetings, interviews ...) to optimize the quality.
The configuration of this model can be done in a very sharp way to refine the rendering to obtain the desired effect when recording according to its particular conditions.

Technical characteristics

  • 33mm LCD screen
  • Round speaker 28mm
  • Dual omnidirectional stereo microphones with 96kHz ambient noise reduction
  • Directional microphone with ambient noise reduction
  • Voice-activated recording
  • Micro-USB 2.0 + 2 x 3.5mm Jack Connection
  • 8 GB internal memory
  • SD card slot up to 32GB
  • Professional recording format WAV (PCM + ADPCM) and MP3
  • "Plug and Play" by a simple USB connection
  • One-touch recording
  • Selection of simplified archived files
  • Dimensions: 129 x 47 x 19 mm
  • Weight: 93 grams
Warranty 2 years
MAC compatible Compatible with Mac
Recording format MP3 / PCM
Recording capacity 2147 uur
Expandable memory tot 32 Go SD kaart
USB connection With USB connection
Activation type Manual activation, Voice activation
Dimensions 129 x 47 x 19
Comes with 93 grammes
In the box
  • Recorder
  • User Manual
  • USB cable - C
Handleiding (3.59 MB)

Manual (3.58 MB)