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Peltor Bluetooth Adaptor for Kenwood

Bluetooth PTT Adapter for Kenwood Walkie Talkies

Manufacturer Ref.: FL6077WS Product Ref.: PELTORABK
Peltor Bluetooth Adaptor for Kenwood (1)

Key features

  • Bluetooth adapter for walkies talkies
  • Exclusive accessory for Peltor Protac II WS
  • Turn your s walkies talkies into a bluetooth walkie-talkie and communicate hands-free!
  • Requires special cable according to walkie model.

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€299.99 ex. VAT
€362.99 incl. VAT
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Product information

Provide Bluetooth functionality for your Peltor!

The WS adapter allows you to connect your Peltor Bluetooth headset to a walkie-talkie or to a phone via Bluetooth®. Includes a sturdy grip to hook it to the walkie or belt. The annoying connection cable is replaced by a wireless Bluetooth link with a coverage of up to 10 meters.

Easy synchronisation

Two simple buttons allow you to turn on / off the unit and synchronize the adapter and the headset. Once the units are synchronized, you have a wireless connection between the adapter and your Peltor WS Micro-headset. Two 1.5 V AA batteries or a special Peltor battery ensure long and reliable operation.

Incomparably easy to use

With the push of a button, you can synchronize the headset or adapter to the other Bluetooth units. Once this is done, the units automatically recognize each other.

As long as the synchronized units are within a range, they will be linked. If the Micro-headset is linked to a walkie talkie by means of an adapter of the FL6000 series, you can use the PTT or the VOX while moving freely (specific cable and optional according to model of walkie-talkie)

Simple calling

If the Micro-headset is linked to your mobile phone, simply press the answer button of the headset when you receive a call and you can answer, with a full duplex communication, as if you were using the phone normally. You can also answer by voice commands if the phone model allows it.

Warranty 1 year
In the box
  • Peltor Bluetooth adapter
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