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3M Peltor Optime III Ear Muffs - Headband Version

Ear defenders for extremely noisy environments with double casing technology for high performance

Manufacturer Ref.: H540A-411-SV Product Ref.: PELOPTIME3
3M Peltor Optime III Ear Muffs - Headband Version3M Peltor Optime III Ear Muffs - Headband Version - 23M Peltor Optime III Ear Muffs - Headband Version

Key features

  • High attenuation ear protection - SNR 35dB
  • Double cup technology minimises resonance
  • Good speech intelligibility
  • Adjustable head band with soft wide cushions and liquid-filled sealing rings
  • CE-approved

  • 1 year standard warranty
€25.99 ex. VAT
€31.45 incl. VAT

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Product information

The 3M Peltor Optime III ear muffs are designed to provide hearing protection in areas where noise levels are extremely high, using double cup technology to minimise resonance and maximise attenuation.

The low profile headband helps to balance pressure, while the soft wide cushions reduce pressure around  the ears, improving comfort, 

while the large space inside the cups reduces moisture. The Optime III uses double cup technology which is particularly effective for high frequency attenuation, while the combination of the cup and spacer provides excellent protection against low frequency sounds. Average attenuation (SNR) is (35dB), making this an ideal ear defender for  use in: airports, cement manufacturing, marine engine rooms, mining, power stations, and printing. 


Peltor Optime III ear defenders headband version

  • Ear muff for extremely high noisy areas
  • Modern, stylish design
  • Lightweight
  • Water resistant
  • Adjustable headband - constant pressure
  • Double casing for minimal resonance
  • Good speech intelligibility
  • 35dB attenuation
  • Wide polyurethane foam filled sealing rings
  • Wide cushions - reduced pressure around ears
  • Large space inside cup - prevents moisture build up

Attenuation values:

Peltor Optime lll Headband Version (H540A): SNR=35dB H=40dB M=32dB L=23dB

Frequency (Hz) 63 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
Mf (dB) 20.8 17.4 24.7 34.7 41.4 39.3 47.5 42.6
sf (dB) 3.1 2.1 2.6 2.0 2.1 1.5 4.5 2.6
APVf (dB) 17.7 15.3 22.1 32.7 39.3 37.8 43.0 40.0
Warranty 1 year
Ear Defender Type Ear muff
Wearing style Over the head
Attenuation High attenuation
Level dependent active listening Without level dependent active listening
Bluetooth Without Bluetooth
ATEX Not ATEX certified
Built-in AM/FM radio Without AM/FM radio
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€15.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PEHY13
3M Peltor Headset Bag
€34.99 ex. VAT
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