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Olympus LS-P1 Voice Recorder

Pocket-sized digital voice recorder with high-quality sound

Manufacturer Ref.: V414141SE000 Product Ref.: OLLSP1
Olympus LS-P1 Voice RecorderOlympus LS-P1 Voice Recorder (USB)

Key features

  • 90° construction provides a great stereo feel
  • Noise-reduction filter
  • USB connection
  • Compact yet durable design
  • Supports linear PCM recording at rates of up to 24 bits 
  • Supports frequencies as high as 96kHz

  • 2 years standard warranty
€131.99 ex. VAT
€159.71 incl. VAT

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Product information

The Olympus LS-P1 Voice Recorder has the most advanced microphones yet, which deliver high-quality sound in an elegant, compact design. Its metalic body is robust and has a USB connection for saving and transferring audio files easily.

The Olympus LS-P1 Voice Recorder also has the latest stereo directional microphones with noise-reduction and incrementation filters that adjust the volume of the sound to maintain all noise at a certain, pre-determined level. The microphones can also 'zoom' in on the source of the sound that you want to record to bypass unwanted noise or record from distance. These features make this voice recorder ideal for both meetings and music.

The microphone amplifier eliminates signal deterioration and supresses interference and Olympus engineers have developped a new codec, to ensure clear sound quality during AD/DA music conversion.

The LS-P1 supports linear PCM recording at rates of up to 24 bits and sampling frequencies as high as 96kHz – far surpassing the 44.1kHz/16 bits of CD-quality audio. When you select this bit rate and sampling frequency, you can make a CD of your own recordings.


  • Linear PCM at rates of up to 24 bits and frequencies as high as 96kHz
  • Saves in MP3 format
  • 4GB internal memory
  • Up to 32GB external memory with a micro SD card
  • Microphone frequency: 60Hz - 20kHz (micro central OFF)
  • Stereo directional microphone
  • Highest level of sound recording: 120dB
  • Robust metalic body
  • Direct USB connection
  • Noise-reduction filter
  • Microphone amplifier
Warranty 2 years
Internal Memory Up to 4GB of internal memory
MicroSD/SD card slot With MicroSD/SD card slot
USB With USB cable
Recording format PCM format
Microphone Stereo microphone
Zoom mic With zoom mic
360º Recording With 360º recording