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Motorola XT660D without charger

PMR446 walkie talkie without license, with both analogue and digital screen and connection

Manufacturer Ref.: RED0006BDSAA Product Ref.: MOTXT660D
Motorola XT660D

Key features

  • 128 channels (4 zones & 32 channels)
  • IPS55
  • Full keyboard and LCD screen
  • Send text messages with up to 50 pre-programmed messages and support for 126 characters
  • Record and play audio
  • Individual or group conversations

  • 2 years standard warranty
€134.99 ex. VAT
€163.34 incl. VAT

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Motorola XT660D 6-pack met 6-voudige oplader (1)
€1,055.93 ex. VAT
€1,014.99 ex. VAT
Motorola XT660D - Duo Pack
€273.98 ex. VAT
€262.99 ex. VAT
Motorola XT660D - Quad Pack
€547.96 ex. VAT
€526.99 ex. VAT
Product information

Walkie talkie PMR446 without a license, analogue and digital 

The XT660D is an analogue and digital PMR446 walkie talkie without a license, with a full screen and keyboard. Enjoy improved digital calls, remote control and more to keep your computer connected better than ever. The Motorola XT660D is a great device for companies who know that direct communication can offer a big advantage, the XT660D is full of features that keep your team connected and efficient in their work. 

You can also follow your walkies remotely, send warning messages and even deactivate them if they are lost. Moreover, with the XT660D you can send messages via the full keyboard, record conversations and play back. You can use the XT660D series in analogue mode with any comparable PMR446 walkie talkie, so you do not have to update all your walkie talkies. 


  • Analogue - PMR446 (44.6 - 446.2 MHz1), digital - 446.1 - 446.2 MHz, 446.0 - 446.1 MHz2
  • 1.5W audio 
  • 128 channels (4 zones & 32 channels)
  • Channel bandwidth: digital - 6.25 kHz, analogue 12.5 kHz (XT660d), 12.5/25kHz (XT665d)
  • Enhanced calls in digital mode 
  • Remotely monitor and control the walkie talkie
  • Full keyboard for messages up to 126 characters and 50 pre-programmed messages 
  • With LCD screen 
  • Memory of 512 contacts, with which you can connect individually or in groups 
  • Dimensions: 116 x 57 x 38mm 
  • Weight: 262g
  • Average battery life: up to 20 hours with battery saving mode (0.5W Tx power)
  • IP55 protection
Warranty 2 years
Frequency License-free analogue/digital hybrid PMR446 + DPMR446
Robustness Resistant
Water resistant Water resistant
IP Rating IP55 rating
Channels - Sub-channels - Codes 128 channels
Display With display
Standby time / Talk time Up to 20 hours
Battery li-Ion
Size 116 x 57 x 38mm
In the box
  • Walkie talkie Motorola XT660D
  • Battery
  • Security manual
  • Quick start guide
User Guide-xt600d_series_EN.pdf (17.01 MB)

Broschure-xt600d_brochure_ENG.pdf (5.40 MB)

Datasheet-xt600d_datasheet-EN.pdf (702.18 KB)

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