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Motorola Talkabout T82 Extreme + 2 Bodyguard Headphones

Motorola T82 Extreme walkie talkies pack + 2 bodyguard kits to enable hands-free working

Manufacturer Ref.: B8P00811YDEMAG Product Ref.: MOT82EXBDG
Save €11.00
Motorola T82 Ext + BDGMotorola TLKR T82 Extreme + 2 Kits Bodyguards

Key features

  • PMR446 frequency band: free use, no licenses, no fee
  • Long distance communication: up to 10km*
  • Reinforced casing: IPx4 weatherproof
  • NiMH Batteries: 18 hours of battery life 
  • Integrated flashlight: LED torch
  • 16 channels and 121 sub-channels
  • Vibration warning mode and iVox (hands-free communication)
  • USB charging and 2.5mm jack connections
  • Delivered with a convenient briefcase
  • This pack includes 2 bodyguard kits for hands-free communication

  • 1 year standard warranty
€130.97 ex. VAT
€119.99 ex. VAT
€145.19 incl. VAT

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Pack sexteto Motorola T82 Extreme
€230.99 ex. VAT
€191.99 ex. VAT
Motorola Talkabout T82 Extreme (1)
€125.99 ex. VAT
Product information
This pack includes:

Pack of strong, durable walkie talkies with 2 bodyguard kits for hands-free use!

The Motorola T82 Extreme + 2 Bodyguard Headphones walkie talkies are rugged and weatherproof - they are perfect for use in harsh environments due to the IPx4 rating. The new hidden display will light up when you need it and makes it easier to navigate through the menu. They integrate all features that you need in your communication into one walkie talkie, whether you are on the roughest treks or highest peaks! This is all combined in a convenient carrying case.

Thanks to the PMR446 radios, the Motorola T82 Extreme is compatible with all PMR446 walkie talkies and benefits from free calls up to 10km* that will ensure that you stay connected. The battery life is up to 18 hours which contributes to the safety in product usage. 

The build in LED torch provides emergency light when you need it, so you can read your map in the dark or for professionals working at night. Therefore, it is suitable for intensive use both indoors and outdoors.

This version has the vibration warning function to work without disturbing and the iVox function, with which you can enjoy the automatic activation solely by voice and hands-free.


  • Ultra-equipped: delivered with accessories and carrying case
  • Identification of call groups and caller ID
  • Scope of up to 10 km* (in open field)
  • iVox function: when it detects your voice it will automatically start transmitting
  • PMR 446: free use, license free
  • Weatherproof IPx4
  • Hands-free
  • Vibrator
  • Integrated LED flashlight
  • 18 hours of battery life 
  • 16 PMR 446 channels and 121 codes
  • Automatic channel change
  • Low battery warning 
  • Lock with key
  • Hidden screen display
  • 20 shades to choose
  • Smart accessories: headphones, guard kit, micro speaker...
  • Input Jack 2.5 mm 
  • Compatible with all PMR 446 walkie talkies (license free and legal use)
(*) Scope is calculated in optimal weather conditions and in unimpeded environments.
*The indicated range of communications is based on optimal conditions in an unimpeded environment. The actual range will vary according to the operating conditions and the physical environment. The scope is usually less than the scope indicated by the provider. Several factors can affect the real scope, such as: the field, climatic conditions, electromagnetic interference, physical elements (walls etc)... 
Warranty 1 year
Frequency License-free: analogue PMR446
ATEX certified Without ATEX certification
Robustness Resistant
IP Rating IPx4 rating
Channels - Sub-channels - Codes 16 channels; 121 codes
Range 10km
Display With display
VOX/iVOX hands free Without earpiece
Standby time / Talk time aprox. 18 horas
Battery NiMh
SOS button With SOS button
Vibrate function With vibrate function
Scan function With scan function
Roger Beep With roger beep
Ringtones 20
Size 57 x 181 x 33 mm
Connector accessory USB + Jack 2.5 mm
Sold as Pair
Accessory type Battery
In the box
  • 2x Motorola T82 Extreme walkie talkies
  • 1x Professional briefcase
  • 2x micro-headphones
  • 2x pack of two rechargeable NiMH batteries
  • 2x belt clips
  • 2x straps
  • 16x customization stickers
  • 1x USB double charger
  • User manual
  • 2x Bodyguard kits
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