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Aastra (Mitel) 6757 *Refurb*

20 programmable keys, repertory of 100 contacts

Manufacturer Ref.: 6757 NUMERIQUE Product Ref.: AA6757R
Aastra (Mitel) 6757 *Refurb (1)Aastra (Mitel) 6757 *Refurb (2)Aastra (Mitel) 6757 *Refurb (3)Aastra (Mitel) 6757 *Refurb (4)

Key features

  • Hands-free, headphone jack
  • 20 programmable keys
  • Repertory 100 contacts
  • 11-line LCD screen
  • Compatible extension module
  • Pick up line without picking up
  • Presentation of the number and name
  • Amplified listening, mute key
  • Factory refurb model

  • 1 year standard warranty
€99.99 ex. VAT
€120.99 incl. VAT

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Product information

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Digital phone dedicated to PABX Aastra A5000 and Nexpan version R3.2 and utilities

The Aastra 6757 handset has a 11-line screen that allows a quick reading of the name and number of the person calling you.
The call by name function allows access to the IPBX directory.

Programmable Keys and Hands-free Function

The 6757 phone has 20 programmable keys. Its central browser simplifies its use. The hands-free function and the headphone jack make this phone an ideal device to manage your calls.

Light Indicator

A light indicator indicates the presence of a message in your voice mailbox or an unanswered call.

Connect to Helmet and Extension Module

Connect a helmet (can be wireless, if desired) to your Aastra 6757 and discover the convenience of hands-free communication. With an optional Aastra M670 extension module, go from 20 programmable keys to 56 keys


  • LCD screen 11 lines 144 x 128 pixels
  • Presentation of the name and number
  • Repertory of 100 contacts
  • Hands-free
  • Headphone jack
  • 20 programmable keys + 5 interactive keys
  • Take line without picking up
  • Record of the last 10 calls received and of the 50 calls sent
  • Browser
  • 16 melodies to choose
  • Contrast / volume controller speaker
  • Sound controller: volume, melody
  • Amplified listening with signaling (led)
  • Date and time file
  • Call by name
  • Micro-off key
  • Recall key
  • Repertory key
Warranty 1 year
Connecting line PABX dedicated connection
Number of lines 1
Number of simultaneous calls 0
Key features With 3-way conference, With call log
Function keys With call key , With hands free kit, With mute key , With navigation key , With R key, With redial key, With voicemail access
Softkeys 20
Expansion module Compatible with 1 module
Optimized for Microsoft Lync Not optimized for Microsoft Lync
Volume control Handset volume control , Ringtone volume control , Speakerphone volume control
Hearing aid compatible Not compatible with hearing aid
Hands free With hands free kit
Headset port With headset port
Sound quality Standard sound
Line powered Self-powered
Power source Line powered
Display With display
Type of display Black and white display, LCD display
Keypad Numerical keypad
Number of ringtones 16
Connectivity Headset port
Wall mounting With wall mounting
Compatibility electronic hook switch Compatibile with electronic hook switch (EHS)
In the box
  • Aastra (Mitel) 6757 *Refurb*
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