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Logitech Small Rooms Solution for Microsoft Teams

All-in-one videoconferencing solution for small rooms, optimized for use with Microsoft Teams

Manufacturer Ref.: TAPMSTSMALL Product Ref.: LOTAPMSTSMALL2
Logitech Small Room Videoconferencing Solutions for Teams

Key features

  • Complete videoconferencing solution
  • Ideal for small rooms
  • Includes: touchscreen controller Tap, NUC computer and MeetUp camera
  • Fully preconfigured for use with Microsoft Teams Rooms

Out of stock
  • 2 years standard warranty
€3,214.02 ex. VAT
€3,888.96 incl. VAT

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Product information

Videoconferencing solution ideal for small rooms, preconfigured for Microsoft Teams

The all-in-one videoconferencing solution from Logitech is composed of the Logitech Tap controller, the Logitech MeetUP camera and the NUC computer. Thanks to all these devices you can enjoy really simple and high quality meetings.

Solutions for video conferencing rooms equipped with Logitech Tap offer calendar integration, participation through simple button press, instant use of shared content and permanent availability. Preconfigured with Microsoft Teams optimized software, Logitech room solutions include all the necessary components: Tap touch controller, small format computer, wiring with certification for wall mounting and Logitech MeetUp conference camera.

Easy to use and install

With mounting parts and cabling with certification for wall mounting for various room sizes and layouts, Logitech Tap standardizes the user experience in all rooms. You can add a wall mount piece to save space in small rooms. Also, you can optimize the cable routing and the angle of the screen with a lifting or table mounting part.

The new Logitech Strong USB cable allows you to place Tap at a distance of up to 25 meters from the computer in the meeting room.

With its large 10.1" touch screen, sleek casing and high-quality design innovations, Logitech Tap integrates perfectly in the modern workplace.

Characteristics Logitech TAP: Characteristics Logitech MeetUP:
  • Responsive 10.1 "touch screen
  • Without fan for quiet operation
  • Quality cabling and cable management
  • The ultrasonic transmitter and the HDMI input
    are wireless compatible (Direct Share) and share content by cable
  • 4K webcam for videoconferences
  • Super-wide visual field of 120º
  • Three microphones and optimized speaker
  • All-in-one design
  • Ultra HD 4K image sensor
  • Compatible with expansion microphone (optional)
  • Plug & Play USB connection
  • Ideal for small rooms or confined spaces
Warranty 2 years
Working environment / use Small room
Number Up to 4 people
Connects to (use with) Connects to PC via USB
Optimized for Optimized for Lync
Video resolution 1080dpi resolution
Camera resolution HD resolution
Remote control Remote control included
Comes with Logitech Tap, Ordenador, Cámara MeetUp , Pieza montaje en pared para Tap, Pieza montaje en PC para Tap, Pieza montaje en TV para Meet Up
Size 104 mm x 400 mm x 85 mm
In the box
  • Touchscreen controller Logitech Tap
  • NUC computer
  • Camera Logitech MeetUp
  • Wall mounting part for Tap
  • PC mounting piece for Tap
  • TV mounting part for Meet Up
Data sheet (1.95 MB)

Logitech Tap user guide (849.12 KB)

Logitech RS for Microsoft Teams_Datasheet_130319.pdf (1.81 MB)