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All about the GOLD garantie


Get long term satisfaction out of your investment

GOLD-Warranty expands your warranty period by 1 year (the cost of the GOLD-warranty depends on the type of product that will be covered by it)
4 PREMIUM advantages of our GOLD-Warranty
1. Your warranty period is expanded by 1 year after the standard factory warranty expires
The GOLD-Warranty matches the conditions of the factory warranty and extends these by one year.

2. Your faulty products will be replaced immediately
With GOLD-Warranty you dont have to follow the standard warranty procedure of the manufacturer, you inform us of the faulty product and we will send you a new one (dependent on the stock after receiving the faulty product).

3. The costs you make for returning the product will be compensated completely
Without extra costs, both the costs of the return and the shipping costs of the replacement product will be covered by us.

4. Your service request will be processed with a high priority
With the GOLD-warranty you profit from priority treatment concerning your aftersales requests. Furthermore, the Onedirect Hotline will remain your direct contact during the entire warrantyperiod and we will gladly help you with all your technical problems without charge.
In addition you can enjoy the following benefits:
  • Up to 30 days revocation right. Test the products for 30 days, not satisfied? Return the products free of charge! (Products which are not in our standard assortment or need to be ordered specially, might be an exception from the 30 day revocation right).

  • Complete coverage in case of damage during transport. You have 7 days after delivery to notify our customer service of this damage. We will replace the damaged product immediately with a brand new product without charging extra.

  • Easy tracking of all orders with the GOLD-warranty. The serial number of the GOLD-warranty product will be written on your invoice, in addition you will also receive a warranty certificate in the package of the order with GOLD-warranty products.