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Duopack: Gigaset C530 IP base with 2 C530HX handsets

Wireless IP and Analogue phone. Up to 6 SIP accounts and an analogue phone line at the same time, comes with extra handset

Product Ref.: SIC530IPEDHX
Save €6.00
2-Pack: Gigaset C530 IP + 1 C530HX Extra Handset

Key features

  • IP and analogue line: up to 6 SIP accounts and 1 analogue line
  • Up to 3 simultaneous calls: 2 VoIP + 1 analogue
  • Easy installation: IP router port (RJ45) and analogue line (RJ11)
  • Settings via your internet browser or by phone
  • Handsfree full-duplex wideband audio
  • 2.5 mm jack headset connection
  • Expandable up to 6 extra handsets
  • Pack of C530 IP Telephone with extra handset

  • 2 years standard warranty
€118.98 ex. VAT
€112.99 ex. VAT
€136.72 incl. VAT

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Product information
This pack includes:

Take note: This phone comes with European firmware (FSK Protocol). This means that you will not have caller identification if your telephone provider makes use of the DTMF protocol. All our devices can have their language settings changed to English, and the manuals can be found on the product page.

Wireless IP and analogue phone

The Siemens Gigaset C530 IP is a wireless DECT VoIP phone. With a single press on the button, you can choose between an analogue or IP call.

Easy installation

The phone is very easy to install, you only need a router and an IP provider. No external PC is required. With this communication system you will enjoy unlimited calls with excellent sound quality.


In addition, this phone system is expandable to up to 6 DECT handsets, allowing you to have up to 3 lines (2 VoIP and 1 analog), 6 different SIP accounts and 3 simultaneous calls.

For even more freedom ... Connect a wireless headset to your C530IP phone!

For example: You can call a provider (via IP line) while your partner responds with the other terminal to a customer's request through the analogue line

With the trio version you can use 3 independent lines. Up to 2 VoIP / SIP lines + 1 analogue line can simultaneously make a call.

Mini telephonesystem

You can configure the DECT IP base with up to 6 individual handsets. In this way you can configure a mini-telephone central with the option of up to 6 SIP accounts with 6 different phone numbers


  • Wireless hybrid phone: IP and analogue connection
  • Up to 3 simultaneous calls: 2 VoIP + 1 analogue
  • 6 configurable SIP accounts
  • Expandable up to 6 handsets
  • Easy Setup: Router Network Connection (RJ45) and Analog Connection (RJ11)
  • Configuration via your internet browser or via the phone menu
  • High quality broadband audio
  • Handsfree full duplex audio
  • Preconfiguration via your IP provider
  • Calendar: 200 contacts
  • ECO-DECT mode
  • GAP compatible for wireless headsets
  • Supporting protocols: SIP, RTP, DHCP, NAT Travesal (STUN), HTTP
  • Works without a PC
  • Caller ID
  • Audiojack connection 2.5 mm for headsets
  • Range: 50m interior, 300m exterior
  • Backlit screen 128x160 pixels
  • Different languages available
  • Acces to SMS, email, online phone book, social network apps (Facebook, Twitter, enz.)
  • Including free app: "Contact push" to transfer smartphone contacts to the handset
  • Dimensions: 132x105x46 mm
  • Walkie talkie mode between handsets
  • Transfer calls
  • Comes with 1 extra Gigaset C530H Handset
Warranty 2 years
Technology IP DECT technology
Pack Duo pack
PABX compatible SIP and Analogue
Number of SIP accounts 6
Number of external calls 6
Man down Alert Without man down Alert
Range DECT : 50m indoor + 300m outdoor
Standby / Talk time 320h / 14h
Hands free speakerphone With hands free speakerphone
Sound quality Full duplex sound
Display With colour display
Touch screen Without touch screen
Android Without Android system
Caller ID With caller ID
Answer Machine Without answering machine
Contacts 200
Share contacts between handsets With contact sharing
Ringtones 15
SOS button With SOS button
Mute With mute key
Bluetooth Without Bluetooth
Wifi Without WiFi
Headset port With 2.5mm jack
SD card slot Without mini SD card
SMS With SMS function
MMS Without MMS function
Vibrate Without vibration
Remote Base With remote base
Additional handsets supported Up to 5 additional handsets
Repeater compatibility With compatible repeater
Handset size 132 x 105 x 46 mm
Battery 2 x NiMH AAA batteries
In the box
  • DECT IP base C530IP
  • 2x Handset C530H
  • RJ11 and RJ45 connection cable
  • Power cable
  • Beltclip
  • 4x AAA batteries
  • Manual and disk
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