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Gigaset A120 + Cleyver HW10

ECO-DECT cordless phone and wireless headset with charging cradle

Product Ref.: SIA120EHW10
Gigaset A120 + Cleyver HW10 (1)

Key features

  • ECO DECT cordless phone with low radiation
  • Autonomy: 18h / 200h
  • Up to 4 terminals
  • Eco DECT + standard: low radiation power
  • Caller ID (name and number)
  • Wireless headset compatible with DECT phones
  • Scope: Up to 150 m outdoors and 30 m indoors
  • With advanced hearing protection with safetone ™
  • Autonomy: Up to 6 hours of talk time (36 hours of waiting)
  • Full charge in less than 2 hours

€68.98 ex. VAT
€65.99 ex. VAT
€79.85 incl. VAT

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Product information
This pack includes:

Caller ID Banner

Practical cordless telephone

The Gigaset A120 is a phone that offers basic features at an affordable price.

Easy to use Keys

If you are looking for a basic, reliable and "Made in Germany" phone, the A120 is the phone you need. Dialing requires no effort thanks to the easy-to-use keys on this cordless phone with pressure-sensitive keys. Reading the screen is easy as it is graphical and illuminated.

Offers basic features at an affordable price

If you are looking for a phone that offers basic features at an affordable price, the Gigaset A120 is the most reliable option. The Plug & Play installation allows you to start enjoying the amenities of the Gigaset A120 as soon as you take it home. The handset is pre-registered with the base station, this means that you can start using the Gigaset A120 straight out of the box.

Great battery life

Your conversations can last as long as you want thanks to the great battery life, with call of up to 18 hours. And thanks to the great autonomy waiting for up to 200 hours, many recharges are not necessary with the Gigaset A120.

Store up to 50 contacts

The Gigaset A120 stores numbers to make everyday calls more comfortable. The call list with up to 25 entries allows you to view the last 25 missed and received calls. A separate call list stores the last 10 numbers you entered to allow speed dialing. You can store the numbers of up to 50 contacts in the phone book, allowing you to get in touch with your friends and family in seconds with the Gigaset A120.

With the Gigaset A120, you have immediate access to the information you need throughout the day and as you receive calls. The date and duration of the call are indicated on the phone, and the alarm function allows you to schedule a reliable reminder whenever you need it. You will always know who is trying to get in touch with you when the phone rings, as the Gigaset A120 includes an incoming caller ID feature.

ECO DECT: Allows energy saving

The Gigaset A120's low-power supply consumes less electricity, making it more environmentally friendly. Like all Gigaset handsets, it reduces the transmission power from the handset to the base station based on the distance between them. In addition, the ECO Mode Plus non-radiated mode switches off the transmit power when the phone is in standby mode. Thanks to DECT-GAP technology, the Gigaset AL120 has a range of up to 50 meters inside and 300 meters outside. These ranges always depend on the conditions of use.

Amazing sound quality

In addition this range continues with the premise of Gigaset: calls with a digital sound quality that you will appreciate in your conversations.


  • Plug and Play.
  • Control of functions via menu.
  • Agenda: 50 names and numbers.
  • Battery life 18 h. conv. / 200 h. on hold.
  • Caller ID (name and number).
  • Dialed numbers, redial last 10 numbers dialed.
  • List of received and / or missed calls: 25 last.
  • On-screen display of: date, time, call duration.
  • Keyboard lock.
  • Flash key.
  • Alarm key.
  • Charging time: 7 h.
  • Up to 4 terminals.
  • 10 external ring tones with adjustable volume in 5 levels + "progressive call"
  • Headphone volume adjustable in 3 levels
  • Adjustable battery tone to warn when almost unloaded
  • Automatic call acceptance configurable
  • Dialing: DTMF, Pulse.
  • Battery: pack (NiMH).
  • Mounting possible.
  • Paging function on the base.
  • Menu in 28 languages
  • Size: 148 x 49 x 30 mm (terminal)
  • Available in colors: BLACK, BLUE, WHITE, ORANGE

Functions with more than 1 terminal:

  • The Gigaset AL110 supports up to 4 handsets (including the base station).
  • 2 Simultaneous calls (1ext-1int).
  • Call transfer.
  • Conference 3: 1 Ext.-2int.
  • Transfer of agenda between terminals.
  • Collective call on incoming calls.
  • Free internal calls between terminals.
  • Transfer external calls to another terminal with prior consultation.
  • Collective call between internal terminals.

Cleyver HW10 Wireless DECT/GAP headset

The Cleyver HW10 is a wireless headset which is designed specifically for office use. The DECT/GAP model is compatible with most cordless DECT/GAP phones available on the market.

Long range

De HW10 allows you to move freely around the office due to its wide range, of 150 meters outdoors and 30 meters indoors (in ideal conditions, without walls or other obstacles).

Great battery performance

The battery life guarantees to last an entire working day, as the headset can be used for 6 hours of talk time and will last for 36 hours in standby-mode. The charging time of the battery is very short. Within 20 minutes 20% of the battery will be charged, within 45 minutes 50% of the battery will be charged and within 2 hours the headset will be fully charged.  

The HW10 is a wireless headset with a subtle and elegant design, which is fitting for any type of office. The headset wears comfortably due to the headband.

On-headset features

The DECT-technology ensures perfect sound quality. Additionally, the Cleyver HW10 is fitted with buttons that manage the volume and muting of the sound. The microphone has built in noise-canceling allowing you to have clear conversations even in noisy surroundings. An LED-light indicates the status of the conversation.

The headset can be easily connected to your wireless telephone. Press the mute button until the status indicator on the headset flashes. With the headset you are able to receive calls but you are not able to make calls.

Installed within three minutes

In less than three minutes you are able to install your HW10 as an additional terminal to your DECT cordless phone. Simply follow the instructions on your DECT phone step by step. It is compatible with most DECT/GAP cordless telephones, such as Gigaset, Siemens, Alcatel, Thomson, Panasonic, DORA MATRA, Philips and Motorola.

You can easily answer or finish a call with the ´pick-up´ button on the handset. You can transfer the call from your phone to the headset while communicating. Dial a number from the phone or the address book. Once you are in conversation, transfer the call to your headset.

Note: You can answer calls and transfer them to a different device when using a Siemens DECT-telephone.



  • Multi-functional buttons that allow you to answer, end and forward calls
  • Volume and mute button
  • LED light: indicates the call status
  • Sound signal for incoming call, low battery and when adjusting the volume
  • Sound quality: DSP noise reduction, echo reduction, tone control, broadband sound
  • DECT range: 150 meters outdoors and 30 meters indoors (in ideal conditions)
  • Headband with noise-canceling microphone
  • Battery life: 6 hours in use, 36 hours in standby-mode
  • Battery: ion-lithium-polymer, 300ma / h, typical, 1000 charging cycles
  • Charging time: 20% charged in less than 20 minutes, 50% charged in less than 45 minutes, fully charged in less than 2 hours
  • Battery: headset battery lasts for 6 months in the off mode before recharging is needed
  • Headset charges in the base station
  • Wireless standard: (CAT-IQ)
  • European DECT and US DECT
  • Broadband speaker
  • Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 75 mm
Technology With DECT technology
Pack Phone + Headset
Range DECT : 50m indoor + 300m outdoor
Standby / Talk time 200h / 18h
Hands free speakerphone Without hands free speakerphone
Sound quality High quality sound
Display With monochrome display
Touch screen Without touch screen
Android Without Android system
Caller ID With caller ID
Answer Machine Without answering machine
Contacts 50
Share contacts between handsets Without contact sharing
Redial 10
Ringtones 10
VIP Groups Without VIP groups
SOS button Without SOS button
Mute Without mute key
Bluetooth Without Bluetooth
Wifi Without WiFi
Headset port Without port
SD card slot Without mini SD card
SMS Without SMS function
MMS Without MMS function
Vibrate Without vibration
Robustness / Water Resistance Not water resistant
Remote Base Without remote base
Additional handsets supported Up to 3 additional handsets
Repeater compatibility With compatible repeater
Handset size 151 x 47 x 31 mm
Battery 2 x NiMH AAA batteries
Micro USB Data Port Without micro USB data port
In the box
  • Terminal A120
  • Base station
  • Pack-batteries
  • 220V power supply
  • Telephone cable
  • User manual


  • DECT headset - GAP headband with noise-cancelling microphone
  • Charging base with its power supply
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