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Fanvil X4

Black VoIP desktop phone with LCD colour screen, 4 SIP lines and DSS intelligent keys

Manufacturer Ref.: X4 Product Ref.: FANX4
Fanvil X4 (1)

Key features

  • IP telephone with 4 SIP lines
  • HD voice
  • 2.8" LCD screen
  • PoE compatible

€55.99 ex. VAT
€67.75 incl. VAT

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Product information

The Fanvil X series of IP phones are carefuly designed using quality materials. The phones are both functional and sleek, with great line quality. The X series is compatible with most platforms, such as: CX, Broadsoft, Elastix, Asterisk, OpenVox, Speedytel, Epigy and Matrix. Therefore, you wont have a problem integrating your phone into your existing IP system.

The Fanvil X4 features 4 SIP lines and is compatible with PoE. It's microphone and HD speakers offer superior sound quality and advanced call features such as: mute / resume, hold, call waiting, intercom, call forwarding, Call transfer, redial, etc help you increase efficiency during the work day.

The Fanvil X4 incorporates two LCD screens, a 2.8" main colour display and a secondary screen for monochrome LCD keys. It also has 6 DSS smart keys to provide dynamic DSS / BLF functions up to 5 pages total virtualized and 30 DSS keys. The 38-key numeric keypad includes: 4 context keys, 6 function keys, 5 navigation keys, 12 dial keys, 3 volume control keys, 1 hands-free key, 6 DSS keys with tri-color LED and 1 page change.

Finally, you can scan QR codes that will appear on the phone screens and automatically access the website from your mobile phone at any time and from anywhere.



  • 4 SIP lines
  • HD Audio
  • Handsfree
  • Compatible with PoE
  • EHS Support for Plantronics Headsets
  • Wall or desktop installation
  • Compatible with standard certifications: CE / FCC
  • 3 local conference
  • Smart phonebook (up to 500 entries)
  • Remote Diary
  • Intelligent check and filtering of the phone numbers
  • Web interface and screen in multiple languages
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, Port with Bridge function to connect a PC
  • 2 LCD screens (main 2.8" and secondary DSS)
  • HD Handsfree Speaker
  • HD Handsfree Microphone
  • RJ9 standard cable
  • CAT Ethernet Cable 1.5m
Connecting line IP SIP
Number of lines 4
Key features With 3-way conference
Function keys With call key , With mute key , With navigation key
Volume control Speakerphone volume control
Hands free With hands free kit
Headset port With headset port
Type of headset jack RJ9
Power source PoE powered
Type of display Colour display, LCD display
Keypad Backlit keypad
Vibrate With vibration alert
Connectivity 2 RJ45 ports, RJ9 connection
In the box
  • Fanvil X4 VoIP Desktop Phone
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