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Wireless presenting

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Wireless presenting

Wireless presentation devices give a new dimension to giving presentations. It makes it possible to give a presentation quickly and easily without worry and stress. Easy to install and without messy cables you can share a presentation on a central presentation screen. Our range has wireless presentation equipment for different room sizes, whether you want to present in a small or medium space.Barco ClickShare

Barco ClickShare

Barco ClickShare


Accessories for wireless presentation
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Barco ClickShare CSE-200 (1)

Barco Clickshare CSE-200

Allows multiple users to contribute to a single meeting room presentation.
  • Connect up to 16 people simultaneously
  • Share from laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Perfect for small to medium sized meeting rooms
  • Enhanced security features
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€1,546.99 ex. VAT
Barco ClickShare CS-100 Huddle

Barco ClickShare CS-100 Huddle

Flexible and wireless presentation-system, ideal for small spaces
  • Wireless presentation-system
  • Flexibility, share by using the ClickShare-application or by connecting the ClickShare-button (optional)
  • Wireless connection to the main screen
  • HDMI-output
  • Resolution: HDMI 1080p
  • Up to 8 users can be connected at the same time
In Stock
€801.99 ex. VAT
Barco ClickShare CS-100 Wireless Presentation System

Barco ClickShare CS-100 Wireless Presentation System

Stand-alone wireless presentation system for small meeting rooms
  • Wireless connection to central screen
  • 1 user on-screen
  • Share from laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • HDMI output • Delivered with 1 Button
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€1,047.99 ex. VAT
Barco Clickshare CSE-200 PLUS

Barco Clickshare CSE-200 PLUS

Wireless Presentation-system for conference rooms
  • Wireless presentation-system
  • Flexible: compatible with all systems
  • Quick and easy
  • Resolution: HDMI 1080p
  • Up to 16 users at the same time
  • Up to 2 users can share content at the same time
  • Compatible with Touch-screens
  • Compatible with Google Cast
€2,089.99 ex. VAT
Barco ClickShare Button (2)

Barco ClickShare Button for CS-100m, CSE-200 and CSC Systems

Barco ClickShare Button for CS-100m, CSE-200 and CSC Systems
  • Additional Clickshare wireless button for Barco CS-100, CSE-200 and CSC systems.
  • USB connection.
  • Very light, easily transportable.
In Stock
€249.99 ex. VAT
Kramer VIA GO

Kramer VIA GO

The VIA GO gives users instant wireless connectivity
  • Collaborative presentation interface
  • Access using Wi-Fi and / or LAN
  • Compatible with Windows, MAC and Chorme Books computers as well as mobile devices with operating system iOS, Windows and Android
  • Easy to use, simple and intuitive user interface
  • High quality video transmission, supports Full HD 1080p / 60 fps
  • Up to 2 participants simultaneously use the same screen
In Stock
€578.99 ex. VAT
ClickShare CSE-800-1

ClickShare CSE-800

Wireless projection system for large meeting rooms, with simultaneous display of up to 8 devices on screen
  • The most powerful system in the ClickShare series
  • Allows sharing content from Smartphone, Tablet or PC
  • Capacity of 64 simultaneous connections
  • Wireless connection to the central screen
  • Improved security features
  • Ability to share content simultaneously up to 8 users on screen (4 per screen)
  • Automatic and manual moderation
  • Slate and annotation functions
  • It includes two outputs and two HDMI inputs
€3,890.99 ex. VAT
Barco Clickshare CSC-1-1

Barco Clickshare CSC-1

Wireless high-end presentation system
  • Screen sharing compatible with all operating systems
  • Video Output: DisplayPort, DVI-I Single-Link, VGA
  • Image scrolling: up to 30 frames / sec
  • Input Resolution: 2880 x 1800
  • Share up to 4 simultaneous screens
  • Connect up to 64 USB dongles simultaneously
  • Authentication protocol: WPA2-PSK
  • Encryption: AES CCMP
  • Wireless transmission: IEEE 802.11 a / g / n
  • Transfer speed: up to 300Mbps
Product end of life
Barco antenna cable (2 meters)

Barco antenna cable (2 meters)

Extend the reach of the base module Barco CS200 or CSC-1
  • Only compatible with Barco Clickshare models CS 200 and CSC-1.
  • 2 cables are required per installation.
  • It allows to extend the operating range of the base module.
€29.99 ex. VAT
Barco Clickshare Button Tray

Barco Clickshare Button Tray

Storage for your Barco Clickshare buttons
  • Maintain and optimize your workspace with the Barco tray.
  • Design in perfect harmony with the Clickshare range.
  • Allows you to save Clickshare buttons that are not being used.
  • You can store up to 5 Barco Clickshare buttons.
In Stock
€85.99 ex. VAT
AMX AcendoCore ACR-5100

AMX AcendoCore ACR-5100

€2,665.99 ex. VAT
Ref: AMXACR5100
Pack of 2 Clickshare buttons with tray

Pack of 2 Clickshare buttons with tray

€299.99 ex. VAT
Newstar Beamer Ceiling Mounting

Newstar Beamer Ceiling Mounting

In Stock
€104.99 ex. VAT
Barco USB-C ClickShare Button

Barco USB-C ClickShare Button for CS-100, CSE-200 and CSC systems

Barco USB-C Clickshare Button for CS-100, CSE-200 and CSC systems
  • Additional ClickShare wireless button for Barco CS-100, CSE-200 and CSC systems 
  • USB-C connection 
  • Very light, easily transportable 
In Stock
€249.99 ex. VAT
WePresent 1600W

wePresent WiPG-1600W

Wireless presentation system and media streamer
  • Wireless presentation system
  • Share content on a screen
  • Up to 64 users connected at the same time
  • Up to 4 simultaneous screens
  • Screen annotation through interactive interface
  • Compatible with Windows/Mac computers, smartphones and tablets
  • Connections:
    • HDMI and VGA connections
    • Connectivity RJ-45 (10/100), WiFi
    • Outputs 1 x HDMI, 1 x VGA, Stereo 3.5 mm Jack
    • 2 xUSB-B
€897.99 ex. VAT
WePresent WIPG-1000P (1)

WePresent WIPG-1000P

The basic 1080p wireless presentation system that offers screen sharing
  • To share your presentations on the big screen in a simple and wireless way.
  • Compatible with Windows / Mac computers, Smartphones and Tablets.
  • HDMI and VGA connection.
  • RJ-45 Ethernet port.
  • USB connection
  • Audio output.
  • Wifi 802.1b / g / n.
  • Up to 64 users can use the WiPG-1000 solution simultaneously.
€512.99 ex. VAT
Wepresent WiCS - 2100

wePresent WiCS-2100

Professional wireless presentation system with which up to 32 users can work together
  • Wireless interactive presentation system
  • Supports a maximum of 32 concurrent users
  • Up to 4 devices on the screen simultaneously
  • Provides preview on the user screen
  • AirPlay support (for Apple)
  • Chromecast Support
  • Eco standby mode
€957.99 ex. VAT
Emisor Abtus Smart Connect Full HD

Emisor Abtus Smart Connect Full HD

€195.99 ex. VAT
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