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Mitel 5380 (Aastra) - AZERTY Keyboard

Digital phone with AZERTY keypad and advanced features

Manufacturer Ref.: 20350886 Product Ref.: AA5380
Mitel 5380 (Aastra) - AZERTY Keyboard

Key features

  • Digital phone for Aastra 400, 5000 or Aastra IntelliGate systems
  • Free hands
  • Agenda: 350 records with access to the general directory
  • Mute button
  • 7-line screen with 34 characters
  • Supports up to 3 keyboard extension modules
  • AZERTY Keyboard

€169.99 ex. VAT
€205.69 incl. VAT

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Product information

The Aastra 5380 is an exclusive digital phone for Aastra 400, 5000 or Aastra IntelliGate systems, which fits elegantly in any work environment. It meets the highest demands of modern telephony and is ideal for increasing the efficiency of communications.

The Aastra 5380 is expandable with up to 3 keyboard extension modules, each with 15 or 20 freely programmable keys; and with its large alphanumeric keyboard, it ensures a very efficient handling.

The extra large screen with blue backlighting provides trouble-free navigation, even in low light conditions. When used in conjunction with a headset, the Aastra 5380 is ideal for call centers and offices (telephone operator - configuration of up to 10 lines). Being based on the DHSG standard, the headset can be used to control the volume, as well as hang up and pick up calls. Optionally, it can be extended with a Bluetooth module; in this way, you can use it with bluetooth headsets and / or your mobile.

Its LED indicator informs the user about text messages and / or voice, even when the ringer volume is decreased.

The angle of the telephones of the Aastra 5300 range can be configured to be between 25 - 40 degrees of inclination, to better adapt to the lighting and / or work conditions. This ensures that you always have an optimal view of the screen. Of course, the phone can also be mounted on the wall if desired.



  • LED indicator for signaling calls and showing pending messages
  • Screen (7 lines with 34 characters)
  • 4-way navigation key
  • Foxkey: executes the screen functions
  • Numeric keyboard and independent "AZERTY" keyboard
  • Answer calls without picking up the horn
  • Redial key
  • Agenda key
  • Hands free functionality
  • Mute key
  • Volume keys
  • "Away" key with LED
  • 8 ringtones
  • reparation of calls
  • Dialing by name
  • Call waiting
  • Diversion and capture of calls
  • Call list
  • Agenda with 350 records
  • Access to the central telephone directory
  • Discreet calling option
  • Conference calling with up to 3 devices
  • Voicemail
  • Send and receive text messages
  • Private calling with PIN
  • Phone lock
  • Headphone port (DHSG)
  • Compatible with keyboard extension modules
  • Wall mounting support
Connecting line PABX dedicated connection
Number of lines 1
Number of simultaneous calls 0
Key features With 3-way conference, With call log
Function keys With call key , With mute key , With navigation key , With redial key, With voicemail access
Softkeys no
Phonebook features Directory
Expansion module Compatible with up to 3 modules
Optimized for Microsoft Lync Not optimized for Microsoft Lync
Volume control Handset volume control , Ringtone volume control , Speakerphone volume control
Hearing aid compatible Not compatible with hearing aid
Speakerphone Yes
Hands free With hands free kit
Headset port With headset port
Type of headset jack RJ45
Sound quality Standard sound
Line powered Self-powered
Power source Line powered
Display With display
Type of display Black and white display, LCD display
Display size 7 lines - 34 characters per
Keypad Numerical keypad
Number of ringtones 8
Colour Anthracite
Call indicator LED With LED call indicator
Connectivity Headset port, RJ11 connection , RJ45 connection, RJ9 connection
Wall mounting With wall mounting
Compatibility electronic hook switch Compatibile with electronic hook switch (EHS)
In the box
  • Aastra 5380
  • Curly telephone cable
  • Tilt / Wall mounting support
  • Manual
Aastra 5380 - Manual EN (6.54 MB)

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